Dating a Mature Russian Woman: Main Rules

June 29, 2017Posted by Admin

beautiful mature woman

Almost no man can avoid a crazy and irresistible attraction to the mature Russian ladies. In the XXI century, men find more often that they are attracted to mature women much stronger than to the 20-year-old beauties, jumping out of their tight trousers. Nevertheless, relationships with such women are based on some certain principals and have its own peculiarities. There are presented some main rules that will help you make your communication with a Russian mature lady more pleasant and joyful.


Dating Russian Women: Tips and Tricks

May 31, 2017Posted by Admin


Dating with Russian girls became a big trend in the 1990s when the Soviet Union fell apart and its former citizens got the opportunity to freely communicate with people from the European Union and the USA. Nowadays, mingling with attractive foreigners is obviously much easier than it was before – all you have to do is to register at the right online dating site.


Dating in Russia: Traditions and Guidelines

May 30, 2017Posted by Admin


Despite all modern communication technologies, Russia is still considered a mysterious country. We invent many legends and myths, and some of them have nothing to do with reality. Some of them concern Russian women. All these stereotypes appear for one simple reason: our men do not know the features of Russian women dating. They are not many of them, but they exist and they must be considered if you intend to build strong love relationships with one of these beauties.


Where to find a Russian girl

March 17, 2017Posted by Admin


A wife from Russia deserves admiration, especially from foreigners whose dream is to find a Russian lady. And it is not surprising because they are the most beautiful and kind girls who always place a family as a high priority item


5 reasons why you should definitely never date a russian girl

February 20, 2017Posted by Admin


We have all heard that Russian girls are magnificent. With their unbelievable physical appearance, cheerful attitudes, family-oriented mindsets, modesty, intelligence… Isn’t that too much? Doesn’t it sound somewhat surreal? Just look at them


11 Reasons You Should Never Date a Russian Women

November 20, 2016Posted by Admin


The majority of Russian women consider their life as a show. That is why they need to look fabulous in any situation, even if they are watering the garden or playing with children in the yard. They know how to show themselves in the best light. You will never meet a Russian woman without high heels unless she is pregnant or something. Every woman in Russia has at least 2 pairs of high-heel shoes. They don’t care that high heels are not comfortable. It makes a woman more attractive and that’s what counts.