11 Reasons You Should Never Date a Russian Woman

November 01, 2016Posted by Admin


1. Her charm will drive you crazy.

The majority of Russian women consider their life as a show. That is why they need to look fabulous in any situation, even if they are watering the garden or playing with children in the yard. They know how to show themselves in the best light. You will never meet a Russian woman without high heels unless she is pregnant or something. Every woman in Russia has at least 2 pairs of high-heel shoes. They don’t care that high heels are not comfortable. It makes a woman more attractive and that’s what counts.

My ex-group mate Natasha used to buy something nice to wear every day, even when she had to choose between clothes and food. I’ve never seen her, wearing the same garment twice at college. I was wondering, why was it so important for her to look great everywhere. She said: “No one will ever notice your inner beauty if you are ugly outside.”

A well-looking Russian woman is a challenge for a man. It may freak him out, as he needs to correspond all the time. For instance, if you’re going to have a meal out with a Russian woman, you’ll have to do all your best to look presentable. It is not pleasant at all when everyone is staring at you, wondering what she sees in such a jerk.

2. Loyalty may turn into a negative thing.

You’ll get a friend, an advisor, and even a personal doctor, if you catch a cold. She believes you are a number one man. You feel her presence and care even if you are far from her. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The thing is that measure is a treasure (not loyalty). Her loyalty may make you feel guilty, even if you don’t do anything wrong. It may bore you, after all. And you’ll have no choice but to get it outside.

3. You will get Russian parents in law.

Russian parents in law are likely to freak you out. First of all, you may face the problem of overeating. That is to say, your newly-made Russian relatives set the table with all possible meals: soup, meat, salads with mayo (Russian salads taste more like junk food than salads), potatoes, crepes stuffed with hamburger meat, etc. Furthermore, if you don’t want to look rude, you’ll need to eat that stuff. Not only to try each meal but to eat almost all the food, they’ve cooked for you. If you expect your woman to help – don’t! It’s a Russian tradition to stuff their guests full. This may become a real problem if you are afraid to gain weight.

Another key thing to remember is that her father will come up with a bunch of trials for you. For example, your father in law may ask you to drink a bottle of vodka to prove that you worth dating or marrying her. And you’d better don’t wash-out. He loves his daughter and wants to make sure she is in the right hands.

4. A Russian woman is too independent.

During the times of Kyiv Rus, Russian society was matriarchal. To that end, a Russian woman is often portrayed as an independent, dominant figure, who does not require any help from men. Nowadays, an average Russian woman does not believe in perfect relationships. She wants to have enough money to provide for her family, even if she believes, she has found her soul mate.

5. A Russian woman knows exactly what she wants.

You may be nothing but a means to an end. To put it another way, she may use you as a companion on the route to a new happy life, which promises well (and totally different from the life in Russia). Unfortunately, Russian reality influences women a lot. Although not all of them have the intention to cheat a foreigner, in order to start a better life abroad.

6. A Russian woman is meticulous about her man.

It’s not uncommon for her to expect a man, loving her like crazy. She expects you to behave like a gentleman: to open the door for her, to put the coat on for her, to give her flowers, to ask her for a date. Trust me, trying to gain her love and respect is not worth it unless you are this type of men.

Imagine that you are in Russia with her. Try this: offer your seat to an old lady, save a kitten, etc. You’ll be a hero in her sight.

7. A Russian woman will cook you Russian meals.

A Russian woman can show her love in different ways, a delicious dinner is one of them. Eating Russian cuisine meals for a while will raise some questions. Why does she put mayo to almost every salad? How can she love a beverage made of bread? Why does she can all the vegetables in these large glass jars? Not to mention that she cultivates something strange on your back yard. Is it legal at least? All things considered, you’d better be ready for her culinary experiments.

8. There is nothing more important than a wedding for a Russian woman.

At her 24 a Russian woman has at least one divorce behind. Furthermore, it is a disaster if she still has no children at her 30s. Children – are the life purpose. She can devote whole life to children. She’ll be raising children, cooking and watching series, while you’ll be at work.

9. She may complain about everything.

Russian women tend to look for negative, even when their life is full of positive. This is why she needs girlfriends so that she can complain to them. It is inevitable. If you work hard and make enough money, she’ll complain that you are working all the time and do not spend enough time with her. If you spend much time at home, she’ll complain that you are lazy, don’t work enough and do not care about her. Moreover, she’ll definitely make a call home and complain of you to her mother.

10. A Russian woman does not pay enough attention to her health.

If you are in relationships with a Russian woman, you are likely to hear that she has a headache or that she has this or that disease at least once a week. Some women are doing that because of the poor health actually, and some are saying such things because they have nothing to complain about.

11. A Russian woman plays smart.

While you are questioning your feeling to her, she is already ready with a detailed plan of the future together. And, trust me, she’ll easily implement it. Imagine, you are waking up one morning and realizing that you are married to a Russian woman and have children together, wondering how could that happen so fast.