5 reasons why you should definitely NEVER date a Russian girl

February 20, 2017Posted by Admin


We have all heard that Russian girls are magnificent. With their unbelievable physical appearance, cheerful attitudes, family-oriented mindsets, modesty, intelligence… Isn’t that too much? Doesn’t it sound somewhat surreal? Just look at them – they are unbelievable https://www.j4l.com/women.love. If you find them as incredible as we do, here are five more reasons why you should never date a Russian girl:

  1. She’s too good for you. Seriously, man, are you brave enough to approach her? Just look at her! Are you good enough to live up to her expectations? Will you ever fit her ideas of beauty? If you think you can actually handle this kind of female, try it out. You won’t regret it.
  2. All your friends will be jealous. Are you ready to be secretly hated for dating this beauty? Believe us: you will fight with your friends again and again because each and every of them will try to steal your girl. Some friendships will even end up because of your chose. But she’s totally worth it and you obviously know it.
  3. Her will is too strong for you. Russia is not exactly known for a plethora of princes and chivalrous gentlemen. Russian women attempt to be self-sufficient in any aspect of life. This includes receiving a qualitative education and professional and personal achievements. Yes, she dreams about being a tender princess but she has to be a wild amazon. Are you sure you are ready for this challenge?
  4. She has a huge family. The stories about Russian families are mostly real. All family members live together sharing an apartment and loving each other to death. Traditionally, they take responsibility for their children’s spouses and devote their lives to make your stay 100% comfortable and exciting. Do you think you can handle this amount of love?
  5. You will get fat. Have you ever tasted Russian cosine? It’s absolutely amazing! Although some dishes might seem bizarre at the beginning of your journey, at the end of it, you will love no cuisines apart from Russian! In fact, you will eventually fall in love with ancient and vibrant Russian culture. So there’s a high chance for you to lose your cultural identity.

Was it enough for you? Do you still want to date a Russian woman? If so, you are both the craziest and the happiest person alive! Have fun dating a magnificent Russian lady and exploring the new universe of experiences and feelings.