Where to find a Russian girl

March 17, 2017Posted by Admin


A wife from Russia deserves admiration, especially from foreigners whose dream is to find a Russian lady. And it is not surprising because they are the most beautiful and kind girls who always place a family as a high priority item. The big advantage of the Russians is a willingness to devote oneself to beloved husband and children, therefore to marry a Russian girl – a dream for many foreigners. Every fifth ordinary Russian girl is not married and is in an active search for the men of her heart or for the men to enjoy together.

How are Russian brides described by people? Everyone can prove that company of such girl is pleasant. She is a patient listener, a fine and a pleasant companion, has a lively mind and does not allow some abrupt and rude remarks. So, how to find a Russian woman and to marry her?

Internet Dating

For a significant number of men, the only opportunity to meet a foreign wife is a part-time acquaintance, for example, on the Internet. Especially for residents of small towns, who rarely or even never traveled to other countries. The easiest way to find a mate on the Internet is to register on dating sites. But you should know English or Russian language. This knowledge will be useful in further communication.

You can find there a lot of single ladies who can’t find a partner for everyday life. According to a study from the University of Hamburg: two-thirds of women over the age of 30 years don’t have a permanent partner.

The Internet offers huge opportunities, not only in terms of finding information, but also a communication. Use this chance and don't miss the opportunity to make new contacts and dating Russian girls. Afterward, maybe another interlocutor in the chat will be your one and only lover? And maybe you will find Russian women online? 

Social network

In our age, it is strange to be not registered on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. So, how to find Russian girls online and start a communication there? Be active, don’t wait until you draw the attention and write first. It is better not to send dozens of model letters. Send a few but written especially for every woman. Don't forget about the photo: many women do not reply to messages if there is no picture. It doesn't have to be a professional studio photo, just choose your best photos.

If you liked each other by correspondence, think about real meeting. It can happen in Russia, or in your country. It is better not to rush into marriage after the first meeting. Spend more time to know each other.

In Russia

For those who think that online dating with Russian women is not serious, we will tell you where else you can catch the Russians. The most logical option is in Russia! For a start, let’s think about where in Russia you can meet a lot of girls? – Of course, the most common variant in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. You can find Russian girls on the street, in a cafe, in the club or even at the gym. Try to visit the local museums, exhibitions or events that are interesting to you.

You may go to study or work in Russia. Or go to a football match or a concert – it has to be a place when all people are united by the wave of positive mood and little relaxed so that the distance between you and the girl you liked will reduce a little bit.

You will be able to meet not only many potential candidates but also to understand whether you like a specific of the country and would you live there. As a big plus, you will also have the chance to improve your fluency in a foreign language that will simplify your communication with Russian brides and adaptation in the country.