Dating a Young Russian Girl: Tips & Advice

August 30, 2017Posted by Admin


Men over 25 years old are looking for a new pleasure, dating young girls, but it is not so easy to achieve that. Over the years, a man becomes a more experienced player but despite this, the search becomes increasingly difficult. The problem rarely revolves around physical differences: if you do not have serious shortcomings and a girl likes you as you are, there are no barriers to relationships.

Frankly speaking, the main problem lies in the differences of beliefs, interests, hobbies, and worldview. These things can become dangerous obstacles in relationships with young partners, and not physical qualities of a man.

Everything is not easy in the field of relationships and the possibility of real complications increases dramatically if you date a Russian girl who is younger for more than 10 years. Adjusting to her style is just a short-term solution that could work in a relationship for just one night. However, if you want something more serious, you still have a lot of work to do. Of course, no one wants to turn the relationship into tedious and burdensome work on the household. Nevertheless, if you dream about dating a young girl, remember that you should always make efforts.

Maturity and wisdom are sexy

How many times have you heard from girls that young guys are too immature? And how many articles were printed in women's magazines that men should grow up? Here is a perfect example of your demographic advantages. Now you have an ace in the hole and do not be afraid to play it.

You have worked hard to become yourself and to achieve your goals successfully. Simply put, you have seen and experienced in life more than she. It is likely that she is well aware of this and probably expects to see glimpses of this maturity.

You have a great advantage over the guys who were in her life before you, so boldly expose your experience to the world, dating a Russian girl. Be practical and judicious, and not quick-tempered, be calm and understanding, and not noisy and aggressive. In a word, dating a young Russian girl, show yourself to be the perfect representative of this world.

Deal with her fear.

The first and the main problem is fear, there are thousands of questions in the girl's head, "Why does he like me?", "What should I do with him?", "How can I interest him?","He will use me and leave.” Your task in this situation is to build confidence and explain everything that your girlfriend worries about. Don’t build castles in the air, swear in eternal love and offer to marry you. Do not forget that young girls are very naïve and sensitive.

Her images of relationships mostly consist of romantic thoughts and dreams about walks, holding hands.

Take a leadership.

A man should be in control in the relationship, dating a Russian girl. This rule usually works for the biggest part of the couples, but it is especially true if a couple has a solid age difference where a man is more experienced. It is not because you owe something to someone, but because the relationships in which people show their strongest sides will develop in the most favourable way. The man seems to be wiser and more experienced in so many cases that a girl will easily perceive him a leader in the relationship. The most girls will happily agree with such a role of a beloved partner.

Don’t be jealous.

Jealousy is always a manifestation of weakness. And, if the attacks of jealousy of a young guy are still forgivable then they don’t suit to an adult serious man. If he cannot keep the girl next to him in other ways, the stormy scenes will not definitely rescue but only aggravate the situation. These incidents will start to wipe out the image of a strong and self-confident man as well as the whole attraction of such a relationship for the girl.

Respect girl’s interests.

If you think about Russian girls for dating, don’t make the typical mistake of the older man who starts laughing at the hobbies of the young lady. At that age, girls are trying to find themselves and have the strong desire for self-improvement. All sorts of meditations, change of religious beliefs each month, change of image twice a day, hormones that are still playing in the blood demand to join some companies of "truly understanding people" as well as daily yoga practice, writing some poetry, doing sports, cultivation of cucumbers make up just a short list in what a young girl can be involved at the same time at that age. To an older man who has already passed these stages, this may seem awkward, and he may even show his attitude to the girl, largely losing points of an indulgent, understanding and wise man whom a girl is looking for in an older partner.

Don’t try to unite your and the girl’s friends.

All the attempts to attend a student's party in all its glory will remind the man only of his age. Who are these people? Why are they so stupid? What are they all talking about? You will feel like a Neanderthal at an exhibition of nanotechnologies. When you date a Russian woman and decide to introduce her to your friends, she will feel in such a company like at the archaeological museum. Trying to somehow get into someone else's company will not bring any successful outcome. It is better to try to find a Russian girl and a third company where you can meet people of different age categories.

Do not focus on your age.

A bit of self-irony never hurts. Nevertheless, if you overdo even a little with the self-irony, it will become clear to everyone that the problem of age difference weighs heavily on you. It is better to do without this self-irony if you are not sure when it will be necessary to stop.

Don’t try to look younger.

When you dream about Russian girls for dating who are much younger than you are, the worst thing you can do is to try to copy the youth style or even to dress up in the style of your own youth. All these efforts look terribly ridiculous, so it is better to put paid to this idea immediately. The only real way to look a bit younger is to do sports and to watch your own body. Lose weight, go to the gym and stadium, start eating healthy food. Your passport age is not printed on your forehead, but it is well represented by saggy skin and old man's sluggishness.