Dating in Russia: Traditions and Guidelines

May 30, 2017Posted by Admin


Despite all modern communication technologies, Russia is still considered a mysterious country. We invent many legends and myths, and some of them have nothing to do with reality. It is possible to clarify this idea a little: the BIG part of these myths is an invention. Some of them concern Russian women. We used to talk about them as beautiful, but very inaccessible ladies. All these stereotypes appear for one simple reason: our men do not know the features of Russian women dating. They are not many of them, but they exist and they must be considered if you intend to build strong love relationships with one of these beauties.

Russian Dating Traditions You Should Know About

If you think that ahead it is a complex and tedious text about the incredible cultural differences between our dating culture and Russian girls dating culture, then you are mistaken. We are all people, we are all part of the big family. The correctness of this statement is best demonstrated by the feeling of love between a man and a woman, which is familiar to any person, regardless of nationality. Russian women love as well as other ladies do in the rest of the world. There are only a few small features, but not all Russian dating websites tell about them. It is a huge mistake. Knowing of them will increase your chances of success. Let's take a closer look at them:

Behavior. The roles of men and women in romantic relationships should be extremely simple. The fact is that almost all courtship in Russia is held according to the same scenario. In this play, there is a main and secondary role. The main role is always played by a man. The girl is the second actress. Nominally. After all, it depends on her whether the play, the author of which should be a man, will be successful. The whole initiative should come from you. You should invite on dates, call and write first. Russian girls are very fond of the men who behave like the knights. This applies to the culture of speech and manners. Try yourself as a medieval lover and you will understand what a real man's behavior is from the point of view of Russian beauty.

Going to a public place. If you decide to invite a Russian girl to a date in a restaurant, you should know that you have to pay the bill. Always. The proposal to share a bill will be perceived negatively. This feature of a dating culture does not hide the greed or other negative quality of your girl. It's just an old tradition, a rule of etiquette, which appeared in Russia long before your birth and will last for many years. A man who is not willing to pay for his woman will not be considered a potential fiancé. Although there are rare exceptions, it is better not to count on them.

Gifts. Gifts to beloved women are the big part of Russian dating traditions. It can be a simple bouquet of flowers, a soft toy or some other trifle. The main rule - give presents not only on personal holidays, but also just like that. Do not be frightened to grab the purse, buddy. Russian girls do not chase after expensive things that can ruin your budget. Everything is completely different, an expensive gift, especially if you decide to give it at the beginning of your relationship, can lead to the termination of your relationship. Such gestures are considered frivolous, and in other cases - offensive. Better show the intelligence and originality, give her some hand-made gift. And on the anniversary of the wedding you can think of Bentley if you want.

A family. Prepare to listen to a lot of stories about your girl's family and memorize them. Russians treat family values ​​more seriously than you think. So avoid any jokes on this topic and do not hesitate to talk about your relatives. If your meetings in a cafe will grow into something more, be prepared to often see your lover's family. Dating Russian women is all about family in all senses.

Sex. Do not expect that after the second date you will see the Russian beauty in your bed. If you are looking for Russian women for dating in this reason, you should quit it and listen to us first. The accessibility of these girls in an intimate sense is the same myth as bears playing the balalaika and drinking vodka somewhere in the north of Russia. In order to have sex in your relationship, you must prove that you are worth it. Russian girls like to study their partners, to learn as much as possible about their characters, goals, hobbies and only after that you can talk about intimate life. We must admit that this approach to sex is more and more rare among Western girls. Perhaps this fact played a big role in the development of the popularity of online Russian dating among our men.