Dating Russian Women: Tips and Tricks

May 31, 2017Posted by Admin


Dating with Russian girls became a big trend in the 1990s when the Soviet Union fell apart and its former citizens got the opportunity to freely communicate with people from the European Union and the USA. Nowadays, mingling with attractive foreigners is obviously much easier than it was before – all you have to do is to register at the right online dating site.

At the same time, cross-cultural relationships might be problematic if partners are unaware of each other’s national backgrounds. Many people in the West heard about “the mystifying Russian soul” but most of them have no idea of it. I prepared a set of facts to help you approach Russian girls without worrying if you do everything right or not.

Top facts to know about Russian women dating

Eastern Slavic women are popular worldwide thanks to their beauty, natural intelligence and loyal mindsets. Simultaneously, they have always been surrounded by myths, some of which are contradictory. I suggest you now learn the main 5 facts about these mysterious ladies.

They look for men whose intentions are serious. Russian girls dating foreigners are mainly oriented on building long-lasting relationships that potentially grow into the family. Consequently, they usually don’t fall for first available male admirers but wish to learn their souls first.

They love receiving gifts. If you want to cheer your Russian friend up, it is necessary to sometimes treat with nice little things. I don’t mean they hunt for material values – they only wish to see how much you care. Don’t know what to give? A special secret for you: flowers always work!

They work on themselves to sustain your interest. When single foreigners meet sexy Russian women, they practically lose their speech. It seems to them like these ladies don’t have to look after themselves. On the contrary, Russian women invest many efforts to look amazing and remain alluring.

They are many-sided. Women from Russia possess different qualities, which helps them run careers, take care of their families and save time for numerous hobbies. A regular Russian girl knows how to maintain your house in a great way and how to always keep you in high spirits.

They tend to combine femininity and independence. This is how a modern Russian woman lives: she needs to somehow prove her ability to be witty and self-reliant and project tenderness while interacting with their beloved men and children. And be sure: they can do it!

How to make beautiful Russian women fall for you

To succeed in international dating, you need to know what people from your preferred foreign country appreciate. So let me now tell you about 5 secrets of winning Russian ladies’ favour.

Be courteous with them. Russian society is into the traditional division of gender roles. They are convinced a man should make the first move first and woo his lady as it should be. Don’t skimp on gracious gestures, compliments, assistance etc. She will estimate this!

Get romantic. Dating Russian women is all about romance. Strictly speaking, these girls love all this traditional stuff like sunset watching, unusual dates, spontaneous amusements and so on. It would be great for you to get creative to overwhelm your partner.

Self-assurance is your main playing card. Hot Russian women usually don’t approach men first. They only drop certain hints to encourage you to do what they want – watch her signals out and take the initiative when it is time! Believe in your strengths to win your lady’s attention.

Appreciate their culture. It is completely natural for representatives of any nation to be proud of their cultural achievements. If you display interest in Russian literature, language, national holidays, traditions, and cuisine, her heart will be touched.

Behave straightforwardly. This is a feature of the Russian national character so strangers who can be honest and inartificial in communication are welcomed. Don’t be timid with a woman from this land because she just won’t understand your real purposes. If you want this woman to be with you, do something to win her devotion!