How to Ask a Russian Girl out

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“How to ask a girl out on a date?” – We are sure that you have asked this question at least once in your life. An original invitation will help you stand out from the crowd of other men, help generate interest in you even before a date.

How to ask a girl out properly?

Asking a girl from yesdates out like this: "Hi! Can we go to the cafe tonight? ", you can hear In response "With you? No". And the reason may be not even because your invitation on a date came at the wrong time and not under some circumstances. So, in order not to become one who will be refused, it is important to remember:

You have to take care of your appearance.

Invitation to a date can be compared with a theatrical performance. Any performance can’t be done without thorough preparation and, first of all, without choosing suitable clothes. So, it's unlikely that a self-respecting girl will agree to go on a date with the one who offers her this, being in dirty and untidy clothes. Worst of all, when in addition to bad appearance, a man doesn’t smell good. The conclusion is one: you should wear stylish clothes and have a decent appearance.

You have to learn to invite on a date.

If the offer for a romantic meeting came with a note of wit, which, by the way, is now completely inappropriate, it is unlikely that a young lady will agree. In addition, she can refuse in the same form. And a guy will remain a loser in this situation. So, it is not the best way to ask a Russian girl out.

You have to find a golden mean.

So, it should be remembered that it is inappropriate to invite a girl on a date through stupid phrases. Let them for clowns. The explanation for this is one: a girl may have a false idea of ​​how the meeting will pass. Here the main thing is to be moderately reserved, gentle, and attentive. Whatever a girl is, every of them dreams about the prince, who will be able to take care of her and protect her from enemies.

You have to make a small gift for her.

It's about flowers, even a small bouquet. Almost all Russian girls will be amazed by such gifts. At the same time, you can say something like: "I just wanted to please you" or "Let these flowers cause a smile on your face." Maybe a lady of your heart will not show her delight, but her heart will remember this deed.

Don’t forget about facial expressions and gestures.

Everyone has heard about the language of the body. So, it is important to take care that the hands will not be crossed as well as the legs. And it is better to look into her eyes, no matter how difficult it seems. Confidence — it is what you should show.

Cute ways to ask a girl out

#1. Creation of intrigue

Girls are such creatures that love riddles and intrigues. Try to tell your girlfriend the phrase like "I learned something about you that you hid very much. And I'll tell you about this at the next meeting" and look at her reaction. She may try to find out what exactly you learned even before your meeting and a date would begin with the question "Well, tell me, what did you learn about me?". Here it is — the power of intrigue. So, you need to create this intrigue asking a Russian girl out.

Any phrase like "I learned something about you that you didn’t tell me ..., and I'll tell you about it at a meeting" will work. Or "One of our friends told me one very interesting thing about you that practically no one knows ... and I will tell you about this at the next our meeting."

Of course, there is no need to say something abstruse or super-mysterious on a date itself. She will come intrigued. And that's enough. Just say that you read a book on astrology and found interesting facts about her. Or tell interesting facts about her name (it will take no more than 5 minutes to find these interesting facts on the Internet).

#2. An Invitation letter

Buy a beautiful envelope in any store and put an invitation letter there. This invitation can be written by hand, or, if you have a bad handwriting, print it on the printer. What should be in the invitation letter?

Dear (Name)!

I will wait for you (date, time and place of meeting) on a solemn appointment with me.

In the program of a date: (romantic dinner at the restaurant, or a romantic date on the roof with a beautiful view of the park, or trekking in an amusement park, etc.)

Dress code: a tracksuit, a dress, etc.

Take with you: (a good mood, positive spirit and two hours of free time)

Such an invitation will not leave any girl indifferent.

#3. An accidental date and involvement in an interesting action

It is not necessary to say a girl in advance about your date. Just go to her house and say that you have to talk (be ready that you will have to wait. Any girl needs time to make herself pretty), and when she comes down, involve her in an interesting or romantic action (for example, say that you are going to see her in one hour).

But don’t overdo with confessions of love, flowers, and serenades under the window. It will be superfluous. After all, a girl must fall in love not in gifts, but in a state that she feels next to you.

#4. Describe your date

As you know, girls love with their ears. And it's enough just to describe a date beautifully in order to invite a girl to a date originally. Don’t be afraid to overdo a bit and pay attention to the little things.

Important! Describe a date itself, but not what will happen after it. For example: (Name), I want to invite you to one of the most beautiful restaurants in our city with a stunning view of the city center. I really like the very atmosphere in this cafe — it creates the feeling as if hovering over the city. There are cozy leather sofas with soft pillows of the cream color. A large distance between the tables will not allow anyone to interfere. By the way, it is the best place with the best hookahs.

The best way to ask a girl out over an SMS, a phone call, the Internet

SMS variant

If she starts talking to you through SMS first, for example, asking "What are you doing?", "How are you?", then this means that you have the green light turned on. She is looking forward to a new date with you. If we are talking about inviting a girl on a first date, then it's better to start like this: "How long haven’t you been in the cinema?" If she answers quickly, then invite her as quickly as possible. You can write: "Are you free this weekend?". If a positive response follows, also call her boldly.

Phone variant

It is also quite possible to invite a girl on a date via the phone. Remember, you have to call not too late and not at early morning. Don’t talk too much. Just call her, ask how she is doing, and then invite her on a date. You don’t have to beg her consent to go out on a date with you. If you do that, then your chances will rapidly decrease.

Internet variant

If you plan to invite a girl on a first date via the Internet, then be prepared for the fact that her appearance will be different from the "avatar". Well, in general, this method doesn’t differ from SMS messages. If you receive a positive response, then act immediately. Perhaps you have your own ways how to invite a girl on a first date. In this case, you just need only act.

We are sure that this article "How to Ask a Russian Girl out" will be useful to you and help make your personal life even brighter. Remember that life is measured not by the number of breaths, but by the number of moments from which you have breathtaking. Don’t be afraid and use our tips! Good luck!